TRILL GEAR originated in Port Arthur, Texas: LAND OF THE TRILL.

The word TRILL has been around the streets in Port Arthur since the late 1980’s. The Word TRILL means True and Real: based on how a person carries themselves. The first person who introduced me to the word TRILL was an OG Homie by the name of Spoon Guy a.k.a. Spoony G. I was part of a gang and we were very close to Spoon so we adopted the word and started using it daily.

To the people in PA, it was second nature for them to use the word TRILL. In the 90’s the rap duo UGK turned the masses, Trill OG and Pimp C, one of the TRILLEST G’z as you already know, is sadly no longer with us, but we still repping for the southern pioneer by keeping his name alive, and pushing the label he started back in 2005, UGK RECORDS.

The Phrase TRILL GEAR was used by me to start a t-shirt and fitted hat line. In 2000 we started pressing out shirts and hats, so TRILL GEAR was born. The TRILL Hats and T-shirts have been around (New Era) used to make them also. To save TRILL individuals money all over the world we are doing them ourselves for half the cost. We have a wide variety of colors for our hats and t-shirts! Like our homie Pimp C used to say, “Buy u some B*$@H!!!!!”

We would like to thank God, Family, Friends and our supporters who made this possible.


What up Bun B, Lil C, Cartel, Lil Heze, Ray T, Korn and most important the whole TRILL GANG!

~Rest in Peace Mama Wes~